Dear Affiliates & JV Partners,

In 2013, we paid out $3,000,000+ in Commissions to affiliates, and in 2014 we at almost $2,500,000 already! 

 We’re back again with another exciting launch!

This time with OVER $250,000 in prizes... Including THREE NEW CARS (one of them is a PORSCHE!) and 100% CPA style commissions!

That means no refunds, no reserves, no waiting!

We’ve got MULTIPLE contests – we’re making sure EVERYONE can walk away a winner from this launch – no matter what!

Alright let’s get into the details!

If you have any other specific questions – please send us an Email to , and Dan will get back to you ASAP.



As time comes, we’ll be releasing unique EMAIL swipe files you can use with your list!

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There are 2 main things that are VERY different about what we’re doing.


Not just for our affiliates (which is a given when you see our results below) – but even more so for our STUDENTS.

We just tested the ENTIRE InboxBlueprint system on 5 struggling students and the results…were…unheard of!


Wait until you see our Pre-Launch with the QUALITY of content that Anik will be giving out. But, not just that, wait till you see our SALES VIDEO.

It’s a FULL production – a documentary film made PROVING just how this system works. Yes, unlike most – we will actually be TEACHING in our sales video.


Aster Brittan

Andrew Heeps

Michael Parker

Penny Lindstrom

Kim Uylenbroek

Shelton Knight



I know…I know…this is a JV page and I should be talking about what YOU’LL make. But let’s face it – it’s important we all take good CARE of our subscribers.

InboxBlueprint is a REAL system. A REAL business.

It works. You’ll be giving something you can REALLY confidently sign your name to!

So, how well did our students do?

Well – you’ll have to wait to see the sales video (documentary) to discover that now, won’t you ;)

If you’re ready to get on board and be one of the first to attack as we go LIVE – just fill in the short form below!

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Of course I’ll be flat out BRIBING you to promote for us because what’s a launch without some FUN and GADGETS?!

That’s why, instead of JUST letting our “Top 10” or the “Big Dawgs” win (which they will also)…we’ve got prizes set-up so EVERYONE can win!

We have a total of THREE “Contests”


There are 3 Different Contests In Just ONE Launch!

#1 – Pre-Launch Leads Leaderboard Be in Our Top 10 Most Leads Leaderboard and Get Even BIGGER Prizes (I’m Talking FUN STUFF)!

#2 –Pre-Launch - Control Destiny Contest  ($25,000)
EVERYONE Wins. Just Get a Certain Number of Leads & You’re Guaranteed a Prize!

#3 –Launch Sales Leaderboard ($90,000) Be In Our Top 20 For The Sales Contest and Win…Well…WOW – Amazing Prizes!


There are a FEW reasons…

#1 – Obviously you’ll make a LOT more commissions.  We will do a LOT of work during the 7 day Pre-Launch to pre-qualify your leads!

#2 - All your leads will be hard coded to the FIRST affiliate that brings the lead in. We’ll take your leads and continue to promote with your affiliate link throughout the launch as well to maximize your leads. This could mean your sales could continue to trickle in!

#3 – You win cool prizes & give GREAT value to your subscribers!

All our Pre-Launch affiliates will be very well taken care of as we will protect your affiliate ID!


Starting August 11th – August 19th (till 11:59AM)


Don’t think you can “compete” with all the HUGE LIST Super Affiliates? Trust me, I know it feels. I hate launches that only cater to them.

At VSS Mind Media, Inc. – We want ALL our affiliates to participate, win cool prizes and get RECOGNITION!

We made a prize that ANYONE can win, not “crappy” prizes – how does even a $4,000 watch sound?!


*Note – You can only win ONE of the Twocontests above. You will be awarded with the HIGHER VALUE prize.

* Now, just to be clear, there ARE some rules and regulations below – so make sure to read them. Obviously, we need to protect ourselves too from some of the trickier affiliates ;)  You know who you are!!

So if you win #1 in the leaderboard contest AND get over 10,000 leads – you will win ONE prize (the one with the higher cash value).

Please note that there ARE minimum sales requirements in order to qualify for your Pre-Launch prizes!



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A HUGE hit with our RECENT Future of Wealth launch, we’ve started a new company wide policy. For every launch we ever do – ALL of our top 20 affiliates get a COOL DUDE TROPHY.

Yes, you’re NOT a Cool Dude (or Dudette) unless you have one. Period.

There are only 2 rules to qualify:

1. Be in the Top 20 of ANY Launch we do in a given year.
2. After being in Top 20 – You have to PHYSICALLY meet us at an event and POSE with us!

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Help us get the word out and we will pay you $7 PER sale that any 2nd tier brings in! That is ALSO CPA.

No refunds. No reserves. No nothing!

Just sign up below and get your 2nd Tier link inside (or contact us and we’ll help you out).  Mail your JVs for it and blast your closest friends on Skype…earn BIG bucks for doing it!

Step #1 to start – Sign-up Below!

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So here’s a small story on how InBox Blueprint came to life.

Recently, we sat back and looked at the Internet Marketing space. We analyzed ALL of our students and we even studied the BIGGEST success online in the world of INFO-Marketing.

We started to see some trends…

The trends were OVERWHELMING.

We noticed exactly where MOST of the success was coming and also where most of the FAILURE was coming!

Then, we looked at ourselves.

There has been one thing that has been a CONSISTANT moneymaker.  No matter how bad business was…no matter how bad the economy was – we’ve always had a STRONG pillar to stand on and generate a HUGE income for our company…

What is it?


So, we put on our “mad scientist” hats and created a SYSTEM that is almost 100% fool-proof. It allows ANYONE, no matter what their experience level to get their online business up and running in almost no time!

This is our A to Z of email marketing.

Inbox Blueprint is an easy to follow, A-B-C format course that’s 100% newbie friendly and designed to maximize the students chances of success.

As I mentioned earlier, we even tested this on 5 students who have been trying to make it online for years. EACH of them had profound results in LESS than 24 hours (14 to be exact).

We documented it all and THAT’S what our entire launch process is about!

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Please DO NOT Hesitate to Contact us!

Simply send Dan an email at for all your Joint Venture Questions, and Dan will get back to you ASAP.

Our Customer support email is:

We THANK YOU For your support and can’t wait to provide your customers with MASSIVE value and fill your pockets with TONS of Money!!!

As an Affiliate you agree to the following:
The new FTC Guidelines for affiliate marketing came into effect on December 1st 2009. As an affiliate or JV partner for ‘Future of Wealth’, you’ve read and fully agree to the terms listed on the Official FTC Website – to ensure that you’re promotions are compliant with the new guidelines.

• ABSOLUTELY NO NEGATIVE MARKETING. No “This is a Scam” and turning around to promote the product with your affiliate link. This will not only get ALL commissions negated. You will not be allowed to promote any future products from our company.

Also, if not removed immediately, we reserve the right to take legal action. We’re not trying to be unfair or crude, but guys, come on, we have a right to protect our brand. That kind of marketing doesn't help anyone and isn’t fair to our company. Of course you’re entitled to your opinion, but we still have the right to protect how our affiliate links are used ;)

• We have a minimum threshold of $200 in commissions for our monthly payout. (That’s Just 2 Sales!)
• $100 CPA – Means no refunds, no reserves, & no games!!
• Minimum sales requirements on BOTH prelaunch and launch prizes are listed above. If you win the prelaunch but do not reach the sale requirements, your prizes will be placed with the # of sales to the prize accordingly. Launch prizes work the same way. If you win 1st but do not meet the minimum sales, you will be moved to the tier that you qualify for. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MAIL BOTH PRE-LAUNCH AND LAUNCH TO WIN PRIZES. Though we highly suggest you do, as we'll warm your leads through google hangouts and great mailings.
• Payment will be processed on the 15th of Each Month for the sales generated the prior month. You will be paid in FULL.
• As an affiliate, if you purchase the product under your own link, we will VOID YOUR COMMISSIONS.
• Affiliate sales must qualify as legitimate transactions based on our terms and conditions. All transactions will be monitored and automatically reviewed. If any sales transactions associated with your affiliate ID and/or account do not line up with the types of qualified sales most typically seen through normal traffic generation methods, our system will flag your account. This will trigger a manual review of your transactions, and if necessary your sites and traffic practices. Any questionable transactions will be investigated. We reserve the right to withhold payment of commissions until the review process is completed. If, after a manual review, any transactions are deemed questionable, any earned commissions on those transactions could be invalidated and you may not be paid for them.

During further review you may be asked for the following:
1. Your full name
2. Your phone number (in case we need to interview you)
3. Method of promo (i.e.: email marketing, Facebook, Solo, Blog, etc)
4. Proof of method(s) used to promo ( snapshot of email list, facebook ad, solo ad receipt, blog display,etc)



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